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Monday, May 16, 2016

How? by fitting you with the perfect bra for your shape. Now remember it may take a few try’s, but, all good things in life take time…including bra shopping! A key thing to remember is that although you may measure a certain size it does not mean that every manufacturers version of that size will fit you, we are experts in fitting and have an extensive knowledge of how each brand & style fits, so if you give us the opportunity we will match the perfect bra size and style for your body shape.

When we find a great fit for you we like to ask you to try your top back on, when your bra fits properly you will instantly look better in your clothes. When you wear the wrong size; when your breasts are sagging or squished you can look like you have gained some weight. If you are not comfortable in your bra, you’re not going to feel confident.  Stop by and let us help you love your clothes again.

When you buy what makes you feel good, you will look great!

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