Escaping this Winter? Pack This…

Monday, January 9, 2017

Lucky you!  A trip is a great way to shorten a long winter, so, whether it is a beach getaway or a ski chalet that you are heading to, pack well and enjoy yourself.  I think this checklist from Real Simple is a great one to start off with and then you can add and delete it to suit what you need.  They have created a great one for both hot and cold holidays.

One thing that I think is very important is to set everything you are thinking of taking out where you can see it all and then edit it for a few days before you are leaving;  I know it helps me streamline what I am taking.  If you pack at the last minute you will tend to over pack and forget the things that you really needed!  Most of us way over pack for a sunny holiday, we forget that most of our day is spent in a swim suit.  Now a ski trip…well that is not a holiday I would take but, the above link even helps you with that.  Sorry skiers but I am more for escaping winter not embracing it unfortunately!  However, I think it is even more valuable to be prepared when you are packing for this type of trip as forgetting important items may lead to a very chilly run down the hill.

Most important, take your time…give yourself enough time to think about and edit your choices and have a great trip, well prepared and organized!

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