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Escaping this Winter? Pack This…

Lucky you!  A trip is a great way to shorten a long winter, so, whether it is a beach getaway or a ski chalet that you are heading to, pack well and enjoy yourself.  I think this checklist from Real Simple is a great one to start off with and then you can add and delete it to suit what you need.  They have created a great one for both hot and cold holidays. One thing that I think is very important is to Continue Reading

Exercise Tips to Keep You Motivated

By Lynn Kehoe Here are some tips that have personally worked for me in my workout routine. This advice from WebMD on how to stick with an exercise plan was most in line with my philosophy. I am proud to say that I have exercised five days a week for the past 16 years, and I believe it’s so important to remind yourself constantly why you do it. Many mornings, my alarm goes off and I really would like to sleep in, but I ask Continue Reading

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