Where are you located?

206 - 304 Main Street, Airdrie. Same parking lot as Airdrie Public Library. 

Do I need to make an appointment?

No, you do not need to make an appointment but during the week during the day is quieter than Saturday if you think you'll need more time.

What sizes do you carry?

We carry a wide variety of sizes. In Bras we carry A - N cups and 28-44 band sizes. In lingerie and shapewear we carry XS to 2X. In most clothing and sleepwear we carry XS to XXL. 

How are your products sized?

We sell bras in US, UK and EU bra sizing, depending on where the brand is from, however we convert the bras in store to make shopping easier for you! Some of our clothing/sleepwear are sold in letter sizing (Small, Medium, Large etc) and others are sold in numeric dress sizing (6, 8, 10 etc).

Are all the sizes you carry available on the sales floor?

Yes all sizes are available on our sales floor. Sometimes we have doubles of the same size available in our back room if we do not have room on the floor for it. 

If you don't have my size can I order it?

With bras, yes you can order your size in principle colours like Black & Nude by purchasing it in store before hand. With fashion coloured bras, clothing and sleepwear we cannot reorder. 

Why are some products/bras more expensive?

Cream Lingerie makes every effort to ensure the product range we bring to our customers, offers both quality and affordability. So why should you treat a bra as an investment? Three words… quality, comfort, and fit. The two main reasons that some products are more expensive, are:
The materials used and construction of the garment, are of a high standard of quality.
The garment has been manufactured using skilled craftsmanship, and has undergone rigorous quality control testing. These garments are designed in a developed country, and often many components, or the whole piece, is made in developed countries as well. Some luxury brands, such as Prima Donna, can require up to 50 pieces to make one bra!

Can I pick up my online order in store?

Yes, we offer free curbside/in store pick ups. We also deliver for free in Airdrie. 

How do I wash my bras?

We suggest two ways to wash your bras. 1. Use no rinse Eucalan for handwashing your bras. It's an easy soak and light rub on trouble areas and then hang to dry. 2. Forever New delicate wash for your washing machine. If you choose to use a washing machine make sure to use a delicate garment bag for your bras and wash on delicate. And still continue to hang to dry. Do not put your bras in a dryer even on delicate. Any heat will change the shape of the materials and bend your hooks and wire over time.