The key to a great look starts from underneath because the wrong style bra can lead to a fashion disaster.  But the right bra makes a world of difference. 

It is impossible to buy a perfect fitting bra without first understanding what good fit is all about. This may at first seem to be an unnecessary exercise, but considering that 7 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra, it appears that not everyone knows what good fit is all about, let alone what it looks like and feels like. In the most simplistic form a bra should fill three criteria; the band should only pull out about 1 inch at the back, the wires should fit flat against the chest in the front centre and the cup should contain all the breast tissue without bulging or puckering.

For most women, at some point in our lives, we all had a bra that fit properly. Maybe it was the first bra you owned.  Perhaps your mother took you to the local department store and let the sales clerk there assess the fit of that all-important first bra. After that life happened:  you got older; perhaps pregnancy; certainly age, possibly menopause; weight fluctuations; disease; illness; and the inevitable effect of gravity have taken their toll over the years.

All of these factors, as well as disease or illness may have changed the size and distribution of the breast tissue.  Yet, unbelievably, some women are still buying the same size bra they bought 20 or more years ago!  We recommend a bra fitting at least once a year or with any of the above mentioned body/lifestyle changes because your bra size can change as easily as your dress or pant size.

The wrong size can mean a difference in your comfort level and in your overall appearance. It is amazing to think that women are wearing the wrong bra, when taking just a few minutes to determine her correct size can make a world of difference in the way a woman looks and feels! 

Improper fit in a bra is, at best, uncomfortable, and causes the clothes you wear over it to hang and drape incorrectly:  at worst, the lack of circulation in the breast caused by constriction of the blood vessels has caused serious health problems.

A correctly fitting bra is not a matter of vanity; it is a matter of your personal health. While every woman has her own ideas and preferences about style and fabric choice, the primary functions of a bra have always been to support and to cover the breasts.  Not all bras do both well: just because a bra covers you or is comfortable doesn’t mean it has good support.  By the same token, it may be supportive, but if it still isn’t comfortable, you won’t wear it.

Good fit is a combination of good support, good coverage and comfort. With this in mind find a store that has helpful staff and a good range of sizes and get that fitting done!

xo Cream

December 30, 2021 — Cream Body and Bath Admin